Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

I ordered this mask from SpaceNK and I eager to try it. Heard many positive things about this brand. Ingredients are 100% free from GMO, Toxins, Fillers, Artificial colours & fragrances and synthetic chemicals. I found it’s a bit pricy (£54 for 30mls) and I hope it lives up to the hype.

Will provide an product review in a few months time.



I can honestly say I feel a grey difference in my moods, digestive, waking up early and not feeling lethargic. I certainly have more energy and it’s only been day 7.

Planning on doing a 30 day challenge to see how I feel but I can already seeing this being habitual.

Decluttering Your Life

“The intention of voluntary simplicity is not to dogmatically live with less. It’s a more demanding intention of living with balance. This is a middle way that moves between the extremes of poverty and indulgence.”

Happy Easter 🐣 I cannot believe we’re quarter way through 2018! It has been a rollercoaster!

I want to touch on minimalism and decluttering as it’s springtime which obviously means spring cleaning! People who are living a minimalistic lifestyle have stated that, clutter in our homes signifies clutter within our own self and mind. It’s a true manifestation of our inner being, and I truly believe this. A way to help us to declutter our minds is to declutter the space we spend our time in. This will allow us to think with more clarity, to create more space and to allow the free flow of good energy/qi (feng shui) and to live a more sustainable lifestyle and to create more of a circular economy than contribute to a linear one.

I used to be such a materialistic person, I would go shopping every weekend and will never without fail, return home with at least one purchase. If I was sad, I will deal with it by blowing most of my money on expensive items, I would usually buy an item of clothing in all different colours and I wouldn’t I be able to sleep if I saw something I liked and I didn’t end up buying it. I usually would go back the next day to ensure it was purchased. I absolutely cannot believe I would lose sleep over something like this.

A few years ago, I decided to slowly start my decluttering process of removing things in my own time. It does start to get extremely overwhelming because I couldn’t find the courage to get rid of things just in case I may need it or use it later. I saw everything with a purpose or sentimental value, but the truth was, not everything served its utmost purpose. I just couldn’t let go of it. That was always the thought process behind everything. Only towards the end of 2017, slowly but surely, the decluttering process became a lot easier and I would accumulated approximately 8-10 big bags worth of items of clothing, shoes, books etc. I was also pleased to have picked up The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo in the Oxfam Books charity shop. (Signs from the universe, ha!)

December of last year was when I really decided to take this decluttering process seriously. I now enjoy every single moment of decluttering. I feel at peace and I feel so much weight have been lifted once I’ve sorted through my belonging. As I’m clearing out space, this allows me to organise everything better and I can introduce more flora and fauna to my space. I have now given majority of my items I have listed on selling sites a timeframe, if this doesn’t sell, I will donate the items to charities like Crisis or CalAid (which helps refugees in different campsites across Europe)

The number of toiletries I had was a complete shock. I would sometimes purchase multiple of the same product not knowing I already have about 2/3 of the same thing at home. Mindless purchasing was always dangerous! I now have thrown away all makeup products and beauty products that I no longer use and I am looking forwards to simplifying my beauty range by using only organic, natural and animal cruelty-free products. I have laid out every single beauty item I have so it’s in eyesight, to allow me not to be wasteful and to use it all up before I reinvest in a more conscious brand.

I wish I took photos of my decluttering journey and my transitioning to living a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. It’s completely surprising to myself how much of a change I have made and subconsciously driven to make changes towards our world and to look after the environment. The benefits are endless! When your room is clean and uncluttered, you have no choice to examine your inner state.

My Minimalism/Inspiration

Documentaries (Netflix)

  • Minimalism
  • Living On One Dollar
  • The True Cost


  • Madeleine Olivia
  • Blue Ollis
  • Sustainably Vegan
  • Raw Alignment


  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

Hunger Strikes

When you get peckish late at night and decide to whip up something simple and then you end up making a starter and main!

Healthy vegan soup broth and vegan yaki soba fried noodles. This is such an Asian full on meal!

I can’t believe this was such a impromptu idea, it was super easy to make and took less than 30 minutes. C’est tres bon

Please Support NHS Homeopathy


NHS England is consulting on recommendations to remove herbal and homeopathic medicines from GP prescribing. The medicines cost very little and have no suitable alternatives for many patients. Therefore we call on NHS England to continue to allow doctors to prescribe homeopathy and herbal medicine.

Many NHS patients either suffer such severe side-effects from pharmaceutical drugs they cannot take them, or have been given all other conventional medicines and interventions with no improvement to their health. These patients will continue to need treatment on the NHS and will end up costing the NHS more with conventional prescriptions. There will be no cost savings and patient health will suffer. It is clear stopping homeopathic & herbal prescriptions will not help but hurt the NHS.


The goal is 100,000 signatures! Please support and circulate this.